Eye of Horus Natural Makeup Review

Growing up, I’ve always loved beauty brands and up until today, I’m always exploring new products. From reading blogs to watching youtube videos, I knew where to get the best foundations (Dior), concealers (Nars), blushes & bronzers (Benefit), highlighters (Becca), lipsticks (Mac) and so on! In fact, I have a whole make up collection full of mid to high-end brands that I have been collecting since I was about 16.


Now that I got into the organic lifestyle, I made a big decision of dumping my whole collection. YES, IT’S TRUE. I didn’t throw away everything, of course, but I exchanged all my current products for natural or organic ones. As a certified organicaholic, I’ve found amazing brands for skincare, hair, body and even special lines for moms and babies, but  I’d have to say, finding a natural/ organic cosmetics line is probably the hardest.

Little by little, I’m now starting to discover natural make up brands, and one of them is Eye of Horus from Australia. I made a blog post when I attended their product launch here in the Philippines and I promised I would write a review of their products, but I wanted to test the products first and use them every day before I could write an honest review. After using them for about a month now, here’s what I think about their products:


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The LineaOrganica Story – Thank you, 2017!

“She believed she could, so she did”.

This quote by R.S. Grey is one that helped me a lot throughout 2017, wherein I, together with my parents, Jack and Ruby, built this new dream company of ours named LineaOrganica.

The dream was born January 2017, wherein we had this crazy idea of putting up organic retail shops all over the Philippines. We wanted to be the first ones to pioneer the use of organic beauty products and educate the market about its benefits. We spent a lot of time doing R&D and finally, around March, we were ready to “get the show on the road”.

We did tons of research about what is out there in the organic market, focusing mainly in Europe and U.S., because this is where the strictest organic certification bodies were found. We found several different brands from different countries like Italy, Spain, Turkey, Germany, and the US. We flew and visited each company one by one, met their owners and teams, visited their factories, checked the quality of their products and got the details of their certifications.

This is why I can assure each and every customer of LineaOrganica, that all brands were carefully curated and all the products are well-tested.



In fact, I started a vlog, wherein I took my camera with me during all our travels and documented my experience of going to the different companies. It was a crazy idea because you usually don’t vlog while doing business but I thought it was a unique way to show people the reality and what goes behind the scenes in developing a business.

Starting a business, especially nowadays, is not easy at all. You need to have a purpose (why are you starting a business at all?), thus having a clear vision of where you want your company to go and finally, you need to the willpower to JUST DO IT. Continue reading “The LineaOrganica Story – Thank you, 2017!”