Why Detoxing is Important | 5 Tips How to Detox

Organicaholic by Mikee Federizo

I understand that a lot of people may be skeptical of what ~detoxing~ is and if it works. Some even hate the word because it sounds like a superficial fad. However, I beg to disagree — detox is not superficial and is definitely not a fad because it’s one of the most important things we can do FOR our bodies. 


What is Detox?

de·tox (noun)
a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

When we eat, we want to only absorb what’s nutritious for our bodies like the protein, good fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals that our food gives. Basically, whatever is not part of that list, we want to get rid of it.

The problem is, our gut health can be dependent on how efficiently we support our body’s natural detox process. This means — whatever goes in, not necessarily goes out. We tend to store unnecessary and unhealthy substances like sugar or bad fat (cholesterol) that our body doesn’t want, because our gut health isn’t in check.

The Gut



I can’t talk about detox without talking about the gut. I have read countless books on beauty and health and they all say the same thing:

“Everything — not just beauty but basic health — begins and ends with the gut.”

In a sense, we are like a worm. When we eat or drink, we send them in a route of a long tube (which is by the way, around 30 feet long) that knows how to ingest, process and get rid of the waste. So in a process of about 72 hours, the good stuff should have been properly absorbed by our system and the bad stuff should have been excreted — in other words, pooped out.

In the GOOP Clean Beauty book by Gwyneth Paltrow’s company, I learned that our gut is like our second brain. It processes food, absorbs it, eliminates toxins, hosts 70% of our immune system, holds a nervous system larger than the one inside our brains, and it can even regulate our mood. It’s smart, because it knows what’s good and what’s bad and it helps us push the bad out of our system.

Now that we know what our gut is and how important it is, we might have the question: so how do I take care of my gut??

That’s where detoxing comes in. There are so many benefits of detoxing I can name, but here are my favorites:

    • gut health in check – healthy digestion!
    • less bloating – flat stomach, need I say more?
    • more energy – you know how you feel sluggish when you feel bloated and you don’t want to do anything?
    • clearer skin – who knew our gut is actually connected to acne and dark circles?
    • boosts mood – 95% of serotonin is in the gut so; happy gut, happy everything


My 5 Tips on How to Detox 

1. Eliminate!! 

I’m not sure how to expound on this further but if I haven’t convinced you enough yet that pooping is actually SO GOOD for your gut health, then I have failed. Kidding aside, make sure to eliminate daily!! This is especially great first thing in the morning, while you haven’t eaten anything yet. If you’re having a hard time doing this, I recommend drinking hot water with lemon, or if coffee does this for you, then go ahead.


2. Drink a ton of water 


It’s actually amazing how brands like Hydroflask and Klean Kanteen has made drinking water ~cool~ through their marketing, but to be honest drinking water was cool even before all these fancy tumblers.

Water is essential for flushing the liver and kidneys, our primary detox organs. The human body can thrive without food for up to 30 days, but it will die without water. There are so many scary things that dehydration does to our body (I don’t even wanna get into it), so make sure to DRINK UP ON YOUR H2O!

The recommended amount by health experts are usually 2 liters or half a gallon, but one tip I found from google:

“In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day.


3. Sweat as much as you can, daily


Let’s sweat out our toxic plastics!

The best way to sweat is of course — working out. Personally, I don’t exercise to lose weight, but more so because I makes me feel good. I love the mental clarity, the energy and the ~detox~ I’m getting from sweating. During this quarantine, I’ve actually found a lot of different workouts that I enjoy doing I listed them in previous blogpost 6 Healthy Habits You Can Start Doing Today.

Another fun way to sweat is by using the sauna or steam room. Ever wondered why it feels so good after you step out of the sauna? It’s because you’ve sweated out toxins and bad stuff from your body, and you leave feeling refreshed and clean.

Lastly, and probably my favorite way to sweat, is doing hot yoga. When I do this, not only am I feeling super zen, I’m also hyper-focused and not thinking about anything else (because the room is so hot, I need to focus more on getting my poses right). I especially love the yoga studios that use infrared instead of just heaters, because infrared can penetrate the skin up to 3 inches. That’s big for burning fat!


4. Feed good bacteria 


Good bacteria can come from prebiotics and probiotics. A good balance is needed for optimal gut health, so we should aim to be eating both.

Prebiotics are dietary fibers that acts as fertilizer for the good bacteria in the gut. We can get it from eating leafy greens and fruits like bananas, apples, watermelon.

Probiotics, on the other hand, are live bacteria that can be found in yogurts and fermented foods like kimchi and kombucha. (Yakult, too!)

Of course, apart from taking in food with these two wonderful P’s, make sure that you have a clean diet in general. I’m not talking about a strict diet like no meat, or no dairy. I’m talking about, making the right decisions with our food. We already know what’s good (fresh fruits and veg, fresh meat) and what’s bad (chips, fast food, instant food), so that choice is ultimately ours.

Remember, the cleaner we eat, the healthier our gut, the better we feel and look.


5. Get a detox massage 


Finally, my last tip — get a detox massage! We offer this one at LineaOrganica Experience. The main focus of this massage is your lymphatic draining system. It is massage in a way that it wakes it up, so that it can function properly. You will actually need to pee a lot after this massage, which is great because immediately you are eliminating toxins out of your body. An added bonus is, you can actually lose a lot of water weight just from 1 session. Imagine what amazing benefits you will get if you religiously do it!


6 Healthy Habits You Can Start Doing Today

First off, congratulations to us for passing the 1-week mark of staying home! Fortunately (or unfortunately), we have 3 more weeks to go. Though this is a challenging time for all of us, we have a choice whether to just sit at home and do nothing or, we can turn it around by making use of all the free time we have on our hands and doing something productive.

I’m sure we all choose the latter — so here are some tips I have on Healthy Habits we can incorporate in our lives starting TODAY!

1. Develop your own morning routine

I believe what we do in our mornings sets up the tone for the rest of our day. That being said, developing a good morning routine is beneficial not just on setting a productive tone to your day, but also gives you something to look forward to when you wake up.

Each morning routine is personal and different for all depending on your priorities, and how much time you have. I’d like to share mine to give you an idea how to develop yours:

For my normal days (before this community quarantine and when I had work by 7:30am), my perfect morning routine would look something like this:

  • Wake up around 4:30 or earlier
  • Brush my teeth
  • Pray
  • Put on workout clothes
  • Walk to the gym
  • Spend around an hour working out
  • Make breakfast when I get home — typically oatmeal or a smoothie
  • Shower and get ready for work
  • Drive to work
  • As soon as I get to work, I make a coffee
  • Start my day reading the news and writing my to do list

In contrast to my morning routine now, here´s how it looks like:

  • Wake up (anytime between 8 to 10am) and make my bed
  • Brush my teeth
  • Pray
  • Go down to the kitchen, make a coffee
  • Go to the patio, read my Bible
  • Finally, make my breakfast

Now that I listed my typical morning routine vs my morning routine now, I actually am so thankful for all the time I have on my hands to have a slower paced morning. 🙂

2. Start everyday with a prayer and reading the Bible

This one is pretty self-explanatory but it should be the thing that should remain constant, however your morning routine looks like. Before doing anything else, make sure to spend some time with God.

I also suggest to read the Bible, because it´s how God communicates with us. You will learn so many practical things and God can even give you a direction via his words in the Bible. If you haven´t read your Bible before, I suggest starting with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John where you can learn about God´s life here on Earth.

3. Make a plan

If you want your day to be as productive as it can be, you´ve got to have a plan. I suggest spending time in the morning to write down all the things you want to accomplish during the day, and you can even go to the extent of planning your whole week and month.

You may use a notebook (bullet journaling is really nice) or if you’re a digital freak like me, you can download apps to help your productivity. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Google Calendar – free calendar app. You can make several calendars: personal, one to share with your team, one to share with your family, etc
  • Todoist or Any.Do – free daily to-do apps
  • Moleskine Journey – paid productivity app. It has integration with google calendar, daily to dos and habits you want to track.

4. Incorporate a workout or any physical activity

Now that we have so much time on our hands, we shouldn´t have an excuse not to workout. This time especially. that there is a virus going around, we should exercise and make sure to boost our immune system.

Any physical activity like walking around the park, or lifting weights is enough, as long as you SWEAT! But if you want a more intense workout, then here are some of the workout apps I love:

Free Apps:

  • Nike Run – a great app if you want to train in running, whether you´re a beginner or an athlete
  • Anytime Fitness Workouts – a free app whether you are a member or not
  • YouTube – there are thousands of free workout videos in YouTube, whether you want HIIT workouts, targetted workouts (for arms, abs, legs, etc), or even Yoga and Pilates sessions

Paid Apps:

  • Sweat – a community workout app with several programs you can choose from
  • Freeletics – a peronal traning app with different daily workouts

5. Dedicate at least an hour to learning

Never stop learning” is one of my personal mottos. Learning doesn’t stop in school — we can learn everyday if we find a way how. My personal favorite way is having a coffee with a mentor, but since I can’t do that daily, I choose any of the following:

  • Reading books
  • Listening to podcast
  • Signing up for online courses

For books, please refer to my previous blogpost, My Top 4 Favorite Books

Here are other books I love:

Also, PSA! Scribt (a reading app) is offering 1 month free 😊 Simply download the app and sign up.

Podcasts I love:

  • How I Built This – different entrepreneurs talk about how they built their businesses (Instagram, Airbnb, Steve Maddens and many more)
  • Unfiltered Faith
  • I love you so much podcast
  • Mood with Lauren Elizabeth

Online Courses:

  • iTunes University (free courses from Harvard, Stanford, etc)
  • Skillshare (free for 1 month)
  • Masterclass (paid)

6. Put down your phone

This is so easy yet so difficult to do since “our whole life is on our phones”. Well, one of the ways I manage to decrease my phone use is by uninstalling work and social media apps. I installed those on my iPad instead, which I don’t have all the time, so that means I’m not working or on social media all the time.

Another tip is that I don’t charge it during the night, so that I have to charge it during the day — meaning I have no choice but to leave it.

I hope these tips are helpful! I wish us all to be productive and come out of this quarantine healthier and more refreshed. ☺️

Have a great day!

All photo sources: Pinterest